Sunday, May 27, 2007


Spirit of God,
Spirit of his Son,
God with God,
loving and loved,
wind, fire, dove,
One in being with the three,
you are life and light eternally.

You brooded over
the waters of a
half-formed world,
waiting for the Word
to unleash your energy.
You acted with wisdom and skill,
all to do the Father's will.

Overshadowing the virgin,
you created from her the
humanity of the Son and
Word was made flesh.
By you, God and man became one.
Holy Spirit, you kept him true.
Through Jesus all will be made new.

Eternal Spirit, fire divine,
the spotless Lamb offered himself
to God through your power.
You sustained him on the cross
as he bore sin's weight for us.
The law's curse on him did rest,
that we with you might be blessed.

Spirit of life, you would not allow
the corpse of Christ to see decay.
You kept him fresh for the third day,
then justified the One made sin,
Last Adam raised to life again.
The Son of God with power appointed,
and then with oil of joy anointed.

As by the Father's promised word,
on the day of Pentecost you came,
to glorify the Son's great name.
Baptised with power from above,
the church went forth, constrained by love,
to preach the world's true King and Lord,
Jesus, by angels and men adored.

God the Father, shed your love
abroad in our hearts by your Spirit.
God the Son, may your Holy Spirit
produce in us the Christlike fruit.
God the Spirit, make our bodies
your living temple. Then,
raised by the Spirit we will see
our God in triune majesty.

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