Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Evangelistic Booklets

The Protestant Truth Society has recently published a couple of evangelistic booklets:
Who is Jesus? and Christianity - Think About It!
They are 12 pages long in a handy A6 size. Scripture quotations are either AV or NKJV.
Cost: 10p each or £10 per hundred. Contact the PTS office to obtain free samples or place an order here.
The Christianity - Think About It! booklet is aimed specifically at the UK scene.
Who is Jesus? may be of more general use.
Both were originally written for distribution by the Churches I serve.
Here is an extract from Who is Jesus?
I suppose that most people would agree that Jesus Christ is the most famous and influential person in history. He lived on our planet for only 33 years, yet countless millions of people have been and are fascinated by him. The faith he founded - Christianity - has spread throughout the earth and is still changing people’s lives today.
But who is this man, who was born about 2000 years ago? He has been the subject of whole libraries full of books, yet his mysterious glory defies human analysis. Artists have been moved to honour him, but his greatness cannot be captured on canvas. Composers have written some of their greatest masterpieces in homage to Jesus but his majesty demands music the like of which we can never imagine. Poets have ransacked the whole range of human language yet their words have failed to fully express the elusive splendour of Jesus of Nazareth.
So, who is this Jesus? What can we know of a man who lived so long ago? Records of Jesus and his early followers exist in ancient Jewish and Roman texts. But the fullest and most accurate depiction of the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus is found in the Bible.

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