Monday, November 20, 2006

Some interesting stuff

A couple of people I know have recently set up blogs, Gary Brady here and Gary Benfold here.

At Faith and Theology, Ben Myres highlights The question of pacifism here.

Chris Tilling is busy posting on Richard Bauckham’s forthcoming Jesus and the Eyewitnesses here . Not all of Bauckman's arguments may convince. But he makes a compelling case that the Gospel records were based on reliable eyewitness testimony. Chris responds to some criticism of his posts here.

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Steven Carr said...

In chapter 5 of 'Jesus and the Eyewitnesses', Richard Bauckham writes '. But the identification of Matthew with Levi the son of Alphaeus - a traditional case of harmonizing the Gospels, in view of the parallel passages Matthew 9:9 (about Matthew) and Mark 2:24 [sic. This is a typo. He means Mark 2:14] (about Levi the son of Alphaeus) - must, on the same grounds of the onomastic evidence available to us, be judged implausible’

Even conservative commentators on the Bible can see that one list of 12 contradicts the other list of 12.

And this was from someone who is so keen to have the Gospels as eyewitness testimony that he made up a story about Bartimaeus dying between the author of Mark writing and the author of Luke writing and the author of Matthew writing.

But not even Bauckham could get the lists of the 12 disciples to agree with each other.