Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ten historical Christians I would like to meet

Here's a list of ten people from the annals of post New Testament Church history that I would like to meet (given a breakdown in the space-time continuum). I only have 5 minutes to speak to each one. My opening gambit would be...

1. Athanasius - "Why is a truly Trinitarian Church always against the world?"

2. Augustine of Hippo - "If you had to make a choice between your doctrine of the church and your doctrine of grace - what would it be?

3. Martin Luther - "Did you really say 'Here I stand I can do no other?' at the Diet of Worms?"

4. John Calvin - "Do you agree with the teaching of this document, [The Canons of Dort] especially the 3rd point?"

5. William Tyndale - "Thanks for giving the Bible to the English speaking people."

6. John Owen - "You helped me to see something more of the glory of Christ."

7. Jonathan Edwards - "How would you describe the relationship between Word and Spirit in preaching?"

8. Daniel Rowland - "How may a minister maintain a burning zeal for the glory of the Lord?"

9. George Whitefield - "What is preaching?"

10. William Wilberforce - "Do you know that they have made a film of your life?"

Who would you like to meet and what would you say?

Of course, one of the great things about the Christian hope is that we will get to meet our heroes in the faith in glory!


Guy Davies said...

Hmmm, interesting questions, "elijah the strict baptist".

Jonathan Hunt said...

I'd have CH Spurgeon, M'Cheyne and William Carey, plus most of yours.

To Spurgeon: Would you have approved AC Dixon to take your pastorate?

To William Carey: How did you get through those long first years in India with no conversions?

To M'Cheyne: not sure...

But I'd want to speak to him anyway. Of course, if I met any of these, I'd probably manage to squeak out 'hello' and then muble inaudibly!

Guy Davies said...


Yes, It would be (and will be!) good to meet the three that you mentioned.

I know what you mean about the tongue-tied thing, especially if meeting Calvin or Jonathan Edwards. Maybe Whitefield or Spurgeon, being gregarious types, would be easier to speak to?

Jonathan Hunt said...

Uh huh. Can you imagine meeting John Gill and him giving you 'the look'?

Fortunately grimacing is banned in glory!

Guy Davies said...

Yeah, I could just imagine it.

John Gill: You looking are me?

Me: Er, yes.

John Gill: What's your problem?

Me: mind. Bye!