Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Philip Eveson's The Great Exchange Online

In an earlier post, I referred readers to The Great Exchange by P. H. Eveson. The writer is Principal of the London Theological Seminary. The first time I heard of the 'New Perspective on Paul' was in his lectures on Galatians during my time at the Seminary (1988-90). His assessment of the NPP, is now available online here.


Chris Tilling said...

Ooo, thanks for this link.

Guy Davies said...

Ooo, no problem.

Chris Tilling said...

I feel another poem coming on

Guy Davies said...

Oh no, not again.

Gary Brady said...

Thanks for that link. Good to know. Are you aware of this page?

Philip Eveson, of course, has been diagnosed with cancer but has come through yesterday's op very well I hear.