Friday, February 19, 2010

How does God speak to us?

More from my talk on Holy Scripture as the living and active Word of God, (see here & here):
1) Presuppositions

Two basic assumptions lie at the back of the Christian faith:

a. God is there.
b. God has spoken.

2) How does God speak to us?

a. Creation (Psalm 19)
b. A sense of God (Romans 1:18-20, Calvin on sensus divinitas)
c. Providence (Acts 14:15-17)
d. The great acts of redemption (Covenant, exodus, law, conquest, dynasty, exile & return).
e. Through his Son (Heb 1:1-4, John 1:1-18)
f. Scripture: Clarifies a, b, & c. Records and interprets d & e. Gives voice to the Spirit and enables us to discern his witness and promptings, g.
g. By the Holy Spirit speaking in the Scripture, bearing witness with our spirits (Romans 8:15-16) and guiding in the Lord's service (Acts 13:2, 16:6 & 7).
"Without God’s acts, the world would be empty. Without God’s words, the acts would be mute." In fact, God invariably acts by speaking. Creation, providence, redemption and the consummation are the products of the Lord's mighty speech-acts.
The Bible is needed to narrate and record the works of God in creation, providence and redemption and to interpret the meaning of those events. Without the Scriptures we would have no authoritative account of the coming, death and resurrection of Jesus and what that means for us. But the Bible gives us far more than information. In Holy Scripture we have the communicative action of the Triune God.


LC David said...

I think by Heart we can talk God....
This is great informative blog post..thank you for the post..Memory Power

Acroamaticus said...

Does the Spirit, then, speak apart from scripture? (Not a loaded question, I assure you, just interested in your thoughts.) Your notes seem to imply that he does.

Guy Davies said...

I believe that the Spirit speaks apart from Scripture in guiding and prompting the believer as they seek to do the Lord's work. These promptings must be scrutinised in the light of Scripture as the Spirit would never lead the believer to do something that is contrary to the Word.

Conscience said...

Hey Bro,
how about through conscience (Romans 2:15 They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts. Their consciences testify in support of this)
and through reason as a God given ability intrinsic ion our creation in the image of God?

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