Friday, February 26, 2010

Name that theologian #2

Who said this?

"Praise is the great act of rebellion against sin, the great repudiation of our wicked refusal to acknowledge God to be the Lord. In sum, therefore the Church is holy as, day by day, it magnifies God and worships his name, ever world without end."


Family Blogs said...

Hi Guy,

Confession time: I cheated by looking this up on Google. I was severely rebuked when it brought me back to the quote on one of your own blog posts in 2007. So I'm not going to include my 'Google guess' in this comment.

Phew! It definitely is good for the soul!!

Trust you're well, and knowing the Lord's blessing. We're back in the UK, and waiting on the Lord for our next step.


James Miller said...

I'll have a guess: N. T. Wright.

John H. McNassor said...

It seems to me reminiscent of something that Peter Taylor Forsyth wrote in one of the greatest books on prayer, The Soul of Prayer (only surpassed in my opinion by Hans Urs Von Balthasar's; Prayer). John McNassor

Joebe said...

Would take an educated guess and say Pope JP II.

The word Church with an upper case "C" is often a good pointer that the theologian is Catholic.

Thanks again for your interesting and thought-provoking posts.


Jon said...

PT Forsyth?

Gary said...


Unknown said...

William Temple said something similar in His Readings in St John's Gospel; worship as the answer to the selfishness of original and actual sin.

The main purpose, however, of my posting, is to thank you for your very helpful blog, one of the select band that I regularly visit.

Every blessing

Ron Hollands

Guy Davies said...

No one has got it yet. All will be revealed on Monday. No Googling (Andrew)- that's cheating.

Tim Mills said...

What about Pope St JP of Minneapolis

Pastor Zach said...

Talk about an act of sovereignty...I am reading this book right now. it comes from John Webster's book on Holiness.