Friday, May 14, 2010

Remythologizing politics

Andrew Roycroft offers one final thought on the General Election.
Cranmer thinks that Lib-Con deal is a good thing, here.
Catch up with Anglican theologian Philip Blond, the 'Red Tory' of ResPublica. He's the ideas man behind Cameron's 'Big Society'.  
Paul Helm kicks off his review series on Kevin Vanhoozer's Remythologizing Theology.
Thanks to Cambridge University Press for kindly sending me a review copy of the above.
Have a look at Mostyn Roberts' new blog, Harp from the Willows.
Michel Bird on Music in the Wee Frees.
Garry Williams of the John Owen Centre interviews Dick Gaffin and Ian D. Campbell.
The Protestant Truth Society's website has been revamped.


Andrew said...

Have you read much from Blond?

I've been reading his new book, Red Tory. Interesting ideas.

I think I appreciate his critique more than his proposed solutions.

Distributism has a funny smell...

Guy Davies said...

I bought Red Tory this week and I've read the intro. Interesting so far, especially his critique of Left and Right. Looks like Blond may be to the Cam-Cons what Will Hutton was to New Labour. Although with Hutton New Lab just pinched his buzz word "stakeholder" and used it as a label for a rubbishy pension product. Such is the fate of political gurus.

Andrew said...

'Such is the fate of political gurus.'

So it seems!

I'm waiting to see what happens with Blond. From what I can see Cameron doesn't owe him too much presently.