Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Lord of Time

Chosen in Christ
before time's dawn;
not for my works,
but in your grace.
Sovereign Lord,
I praise you.

Redeemed by Christ
in time's fullness,
his blood shed
to set me free.
Loving Lord,
I praise you.

Crucified with Christ,
a time to die.
Baptised into death,
sin reigns no more.
Mighty Lord,
I praise you.

Risen with Christ,
a time to live.
Fullness of life
from empty tomb.
Living Lord,
I praise you.

Seated with Christ,
a time to reign
in heavenly realms,
more than a conqueror.
Exalted Lord,
I praise you.

Made like Christ
at time’s end,
raised immortal
by his voice.
Jesus, Lord,
I'll praise you.

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