Friday, June 08, 2007

The Fray: How to save a life

I've just taken delivery of How to Save a Life by The Fray. Haven't had time to give it a proper listen yet, but here is the latest single from the album, Over My Head (Cable Car).


Jon said...

How to save a life... By not buying the album and listening too it I suppose.

My own practice is to firmly reject the music of a modern band with the word "The" as the first word...

There are some exceptions "The Decemberists" (but they are named after a period in Russian revolutionary history) and "The Flaming Lips" (but they are just wierd so are to be forgiven) but the rest of the bands of today with this qualification are to be ignored.

Guy Davies said...

So, if they were just Fray, that would be OK? Does this mean that you are an ardent Abba and Wham fan because they lack the definite article? Why the prejudice against "The"?

DavidR said...

@jon: guess you have issues with The The then, hmm?


David Reimer

Jon said...


Let's take an analogy - Thomas Aquinas loved them so why not - when you come to a biblical text I bet you go to the Reformed commentators first. You make a judgement based on the penultimate nomenclature "Reformed" - I'm just doing the same in a negative way. It's a substantial dislike - not just arbitrary - but it's based upon an arbitrary article - the word "the". However, it's not a totalizing hatred - I said I like some bands with the name inclusive of the pre-eminent article.

However, your logic is flawed. It is not a logical step that, if as a rule I dislike bands whos name begins with "the" THEREFORE I like all bands to the contrary. I think the philosophers immortalised this idea by the old addage - "All seikhs are Singhs but not all Singhs are seikhs"

Guy Davies said...


You were wrong to read any logic into my previous comments. I was merely asking how far you were willing to follow the logical conclusions of your principle. But you still haven't answered my substantive question - "Do you like Abba?"

By the way, what have Reformed Biblical commentaries got to do with it? Are you suggesting that I like The Fray because Calvin suggested that I should in his commentary on Romans?

Gary Brady said...

They look a bit young to me, Guy. Whose the band they're playing with? (BTW I hear their our sort - will they be as Christian as U2 I wonder?)

Guy Davies said...


You may not really need me to explain, that the vid uses school kids. The Fray themselves are a bit older. (But they still look pretty young to me). They are supposed to be a Christian band, but don't like to be pigeon holed as such. Good first album, though. My son said he didn't like it at first, but then he borrowed and played it in his room.