Friday, June 01, 2007

Some Welsh Bible Blogs

The other day our old cobber Michael Jensen did a post on hard-working Aussie theobloggers here. He came up with loads of prolific "hats with corks on, crocodile wrestling" theology bloggers. That got me thinking about Welsh theobloggers. I thought hard. Paused, had a slurp of tea and thought again. I know of about four Welsh pastors who blog. One is a proper theology blogger. The others do theology when the mood takes them. "Is that it?" I thought, "Or has being an exile in England put me out of touch with what is going on in Wales? Surely there must be more than four Welsh Bible bloggers!" I e-mailed Martin Downes who is a Welsh pastor ministering in Deeside, Wales. Martin came up with two more. Anyway, here's my list of Welsh Bible bloggers:
Against Heresies by Martin Downes. Check out his recent interviews with some top Reformed theologians. MD's blog is dedicated to exploring the issue of heresy. On his blog you will find theology with no trivia or gimmicks.
Glog by Geoff Thomas. A periodically updated travelogue with the occasional book review.
Heavenly Worldliness by Gary Brady. On his blog you will find helpful articles on wisdom literature (he's written commentaries on Proverbs and the Song of Solomon), conference reports (he goes to lots of conferences) and YouTube prog-rock videos. Gary also likes puns and does a cartoon series called The Bloggy Man.
Les Daveys de France by Alan Davey, a Welsh missionary in France. Alan reflects on his attempt to adjust to French language and culture with his customary dry wit. He does some good theology and Bible stuff too.
Prognosis is a team blog. They focus on theological issues, Biblical reflection and book reviews. (Martin Downes pointed this one out to me).
Truth Shaped Minds is the blog of UCCF in Wales. A recent post discusses the break up of Word Alive over the Steve Chalke controversy. (Thanks again to MD for the heads up).
There may be other Welsh pastor / theology / Bible blogs out there. But that's all I can come up with for now. If you are a Welsh (born in Wales), evangelical and have such a blog, let me know. It's quite lonely being a taffy theoblogger.
Thanks to Alan Davey (see comments) I've found another one:
No Fancy Title by Richard Myerscough, a Welsh exile in pastoring in Ponkystrank, North Yorks. Richard (like me) originally hails from Newport in South Wales and is currently reading The Drama of Doctrine. I am not alone in cyberspace! His blog contains links to several other blogs where he has posted some helpful sermon notes.
4:14 by Mark Barnes. Originally from Wrexham, he blogs on theological and practical stuff. His posts are available in audio as well as written formats. (Cheers to Martin Downes for pointing out this oversight).
Vorsprungdurchtheologie by David Kirk. Although English born, he has begged to be added to the list (see comments) as both his mum and his wife are Welsh and his children have Welsh names. Plus he can spell "Llantrisant". David is a theological student, so you know what to expect.


michael jensen said...

Fair dinkum, what a bonza list, mate!

Guy Davies said...

Indeed to goodness, boyo!

Gary Brady said...

There's not many of us are there?

Guy Davies said...

We are a slect band of bloggers.

Alan said...

Myerscough (Meiyrscoff) -

He puts his sermon notes on blogs, too.

He's a very good egg. Exiled in Ponkystrank now, NorthYorks, but ex of Newport which is nearly Wales, and with Lleyn links.

Guy Davies said...

Cheers Alan,

I've updated the post & left a comment on Richard's blog. Will you be going to Aber this year?

Alan said...

Aber? No. We are not intending leaving the country this year, though it would be corking to be there and to see all the folks.

David R Kirk said...
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Anonymous said...

Exiled Preacher,
I am not Welsh but, have signed up for the Welsh experience. I am a pastor in the USA and have been accepted into the MTh program at WEST, formerly the Evangelical Theological College Of Wales. I have been interested in Wales for a number of years because of Lloyd-Jones and the Welsh revivals. I hope to make my first trip to Wales the first week in September. May the Lord be pleased to blow fiery winds of revival again in Wales!

Guy Davies said...

Hi Christopher. Amen to you comments & every blessing for your studies at WEST.