Friday, November 09, 2007

Blogging and the democratisation of theology

"It is to be feared that the democratisation of the theological process (every blogger now demands the right to have centre stage and equal validity) destabilises serious theological engagement. The church's affirmation of its 'tradition' becomes engagement with last week's posting."
(Derek W.H. Thomas in Always Reforming, A.T.B. McGowan ed., IVP Apollos, 2006, p. 339).
Maybe the man has a point. But have I just made things worse by blogging on his remarks?


michael jensen said...

Time to get out the raspberry machine. He would have said the same about the printing press and about using the vernacular. My goodness me. Fuddy. Duddy. (with the greatest respect!)

Guy Davies said...

It's a bit ironic too because Derek Thomas blogs over at at Reformation 21!