Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Raising Children God's Way by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Raising Children God’s Way, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Banner of Truth Trust, 2007, 85pp.
One of the major social concerns in our day is that of unruly, disrespectful children. Some youngsters are pampered and spoilt. They think that they can get away with anything and resent discipline. Others have been neglected by parents who put their career ambitions before family life. The politicians and child care experts do not seem to have any real solutions to the problem of bad behaviour in children. Here, in five sermons on Ephesians 6:1-4, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones sets forth God’s way of raising children. These sermons were originally preached in the 1960’s, but they are strikingly fresh and contemporary.
Being a parent is a huge, God-given joy and privilege. But parenting skills do not come in a free information pack when babies are born. That would be nice, but it doesn't happen. Christian parents need biblical instruction on how to raise their children in the best possible way. The Scriptural teaching has to be understood and applied. Lloyd-Jones brings out the Bible’s wise and balanced approach to child rearing. Parents are to discipline their children, but not in a harsh, “Victorian” manner. The Christian home is to be a place of love, where the Bible is applied to the whole of life. Children need to be nurtured and encouraged as well as corrected.

These sermons are deeply practical and applicatory. Christian parents will find lots of helpful teaching from Lloyd-Jones on principles to follow and pitfalls to avoid. At a time when many are tuning in to TV programmes like “Supernanny” for parenting advice, we need to recapture the Christian view of raising children. These expositions from “The Doctor” will help us to do just that. All Christian parents from new mums and dads to those coping with the stresses and strains of bringing up teenagers will benefit from Raising Children God’s Way. The publishers are to be congratulated for making this material available in such a handy format.
(Originally published in Life in the Spirit in Marriage, Home & Work: An Exposition of Ephesians 5:18 to 6:9, D. M. Lloyd-Jones, 1974, Banner of Truth Trust).


michael jensen said...

I am sure the good doctor doesn't fall into this trap, but in the area of parenting nothing is more disastrous or divisive amongst Christians than making even quite helpful practical wisdom into GOD'S WAY. I wonder if that is his title.

There are a set of parenting manuals called 'Growing Kid's God's Way', and I couldn't tell you how awful they are.

Guy Davies said...

The title wasn't chosen by Ll-J. Don't be put off by it. He doesn't claim jure divinum for every little bit of practical advice. As I mentioned at the bottom of the post, the sermons were taken from his (more modestly entitled) series on Ephesians.

I've not come across the kind of manuals that you mentioned. But I can imagine what you mean.

Unknown said...

Speaking of MLJ, I have just sinned against you my brother! I tried to purchase the Banner of Truth edition of MLJ's sermons on Ephesians, and was told they don't sell them in America. Only in the UK. All we have is a cheap Baker paperback edition--insultingly inferior.

I admit I am currently coveting the geographical location to which God has appointed you.

I may have to fly to England just to get the books.


Thanks for this MLJ recommendation. I wasn't aware of this work.