Thursday, March 25, 2010

And the mystery theologian is...

It was Richard Gaffin who said,

"The central soteriological reality is union with the exalted Christ by Spirit-created faith. That is the nub, the essence of the way or order of salvation for Paul. The center of Paul's soteriology, at the center of his theology as a whole, then, is neither justification by faith nor sanctification, neither the imputation of Christ's righteousness nor the renewing work of the Spirit."

By Faith, Not By Sight: Paul and the Order of Salvation, Paternoster, 2006, p. 43.

Gary Benfold was the first to give the correct answer to Name that theologian #3. However, in a dramatic twist Gary disqualified himself from the competition and deleted his comment on the grounds that he knew the answer rather than simply having a guess. Very honest of him I'm sure, but it isn't cheating to actually know the answer. So, I pronounce the learned Gary Benfold winner of Name that theologian #3, with Martin Downes and Mantovani close runners up.


DJP said...

I pronounce myself the winner owing to plausibility and foreignness.

Guy Davies said...

I pronounce the winners round here thanks very much, Dan. I know that Americans may have difficulty understanding this, but you can't win if you were wrong. Plausibility and foreignness doesn't come into it. "James Stewart", ha! He was an actor not a theologian!

DJP said...

1. Grr.

2. Ha! That from a Brit?!