Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Aren't you that Preacher in Exile?"

While we were at the Aberystwyth Conference, it began to dawn on me that behind the statistics on my sitemeter are living, breathing people who actually read the stuff I post here. On a number of occasions (well, at lest twice), I was asked, "Aren't you that Preacher in Exile?", or "You're the one with the blog thing, right?". Somewhat disconcertingly one of the speakers from last year's conference told me that he had read my review of Aber 2006. I could not remember what on earth I had written about his ministry. He seemed happy to chat anyway, so I couldn't have been too critical. One friend even asked after David Sky. He wondered if DS was at conference with us. But David still hasn't fully recovered from his dramatic accident, so we left him home alone. Sadly, he was still here when we got back.
It was also nice to bump into a couple of fellow bloggers, Gary Brady and Martin Downes. Good to know that they do exist outside of cyberspace. So, what edifying lessons do I derive from my recognition as the "Exiled Preacher"?
1. Don't write anything about anybody that would cause you grief and embarrassment if you were to meet them in the flesh.
2. Don't write anything about me that would cause you lots of grief and embarrassment if you were to meet me in the flesh.
3. Don't let your pet monkey start a blog.


Gary Brady said...

Good to see you in Aber albeit briefly. It is weird this in the flesh thing. We need to remember it though.

Jonathan Hunt said...


Down with Davies.