Friday, September 07, 2007

Exiled Blogcaster

Blogger has recently added a video clip tool. I thought that I would have a go at blogcasting and here's my first attempt. I'm not entirely sure about it, but here it is anyway. David Sky the "theological monkey" has a bit part. The video quality isn't that great as it was recorded on my mobile phone, but it is mercifully short at just over 3 minutes.



Jonathan Hunt said...

I'm glad you don't preach at the pace you recorded this. Or use that dreadful monotone.

The only interesting bit was the monkey.

Guy Davies said...

Thanks for that Jonathan. I've got to admit that for a first attempt, it was a bit rubbish. Glad you liked the monkey.

Family Blogs said...

Hi Guy,

Pioneering stuff...very enjoyable! I hope that this will be the first of many...might even give the old blogcasting a go myself.

I was wondering what the next episode might be? 'Supernanny Meets David Sky' perhaps? Good to see the little monkey again.

Guy Davies said...

Cheers Andrew,

At least someone appreciates my efforts. I think that Mr Hunt is just a little peeved that I didn't mention him as a "Blogging in the name of the Lord" interviewee. But I appreciate some of his points. If I do another one, I'll try to speak faster and with more expression. My wife also wondered what was going on with the starey eyed thing toward the end of the clip.

Supernanny wouldn't stand a chance. David Sky on the "naughty step"? He would eat her.

I'd like to see a Doubly Useful blogcast.

Jonathan Hunt said...

I thought the monotone was a deliberate ploy to make the whole thing more amusing. Seriously!

Peeved? Moi? Not at all. I was honoured to be included at all.

Next time, monkey, go for the throat.

Guy Davies said...


There are so many layers of irony in the clip and in these comments that I no longer know what is going on.

To clarify, I didn't really think that you were peeved at not getting a mention.

Alan said...

Thanks Exiled. That was lovely.

I think 3 minutes is probably enough.

Thinks "I must rearrange my books to put all the serious exegetical and theological stuff together on my video and photo background shelf... And think of a name for my lizard."

Looney said...

BTW, I think the monkey may have missed his calling: He would make a perfect church Elder.