Monday, September 17, 2007

Poll Result

Voting has now concluded for the Best Contemporary Reformed Systematic Theologian Poll. I am pleased to announce the worthy joint-winners:
Sinclair Ferguson 30%

Kevin Vanhoozer 30%

I have enjoyed Ferguson's work, especially his The Holy Spirit, 1996, IVP and John Owen on the Christian Life, 1987, Banner of Truth Trust. Ferguson is also a gifted preacher whose ministry I have found to be immensely enriching and challenging. Kevin Vanhoozer's The Drama of Doctrine, WJK, 2005 makes him one of the most stimulating and original of Reformed systematic theologians. Look out for my next Poll on the best historic Reformed theologians.


Jonathan Hunt said...

I changed my vote at the last minute to stop Vanhoozer winning outright...

Guy Davies said...

Tactical voting eh? . What have you got against KV?

Jonathan Hunt said...


I just knew it would annoy you.


Guy Davies said...

Well, thanks mate! I left voting until quite late as Van & Fergie were level pegging. I put Van in front with my casting vote, only to find that some silly head then opted for Fergie.

I don't mind really. As I said in the post, both are v good theologs.