Monday, September 17, 2007


Yesterday was a pretty packed Sunday. In the morning service I preached on John 10:11-21, where Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd". As the good shepherd Jesus: 1) Guards his sheep (vs. 11-13), 2) Knows his sheep (vs. 14 & 15), 3) Gathers his sheep (vs. 16) & 4) Laid down his life for his sheep (vs. 17 & 18).
We moved our usual 6pm meeting to 3pm for a service of baptism. I had the happy privilege of baptising the teenage daughter of members of our congregation. In addition to our own people, the event was attended by her relatives and friends from other churches in the area. I anticipated that there would be some non-Christian people in the congregation, so I preached evangelistically on Ephesians 2:8-10. I explained that as baptists, we only baptise people who profess to have experienced salvation. The text gives the meaning of Christian salvation: 1) Christians are saved by grace alone, 2) Christians are saved through faith alone & 3) Christians are God's new creations. Our young friend gave a bright testimony to her faith in Christ and then I baptised her in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. These services were at Peknap Providence Church.
As we had no evening service, my wife and I were able to visit a recently bereaved lady. What a day of contrasts, from rejoicing with those who rejoiced at the baptismal service to sharing in the deepest sorrow at the passing of a loved one. The one question that I constantly ask myself as as pastor is, "Who is sufficient for these things?"

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