Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My top ten Coldplay songs

10. Twisted logic (X&Y)
9. In my place (Rush of blood to the head)
8. Politik (Rush of blood to the head)
7. God put a smile upon your face (Rush of blood to the head)
6. Trouble (Parachutes)
5. Clocks (Rush of blood to the head)
4. Speed of sound (X&Y)
3. Yellow (Parachutes)
2. The scientist (Rush of blood to the head)
1. Fix you (X&Y)


Gary Brady said...

This list is silly. Why? It lacks gravity. ;-)

Guy Davies said...

What's gravity got to do with it? This is a list of pop songs, not the theory of relativity! ;-)

Gary Brady said...

I just thought you might like to look up at the sky and see the sun
and the way that gravity turns on everyone, on everyone. That's all. (I'm sure you knew that).

Guy Davies said...

I suppose that if you jumped out or an aeroplane head first, attached to a parachute, gravity would give you a rush of blood to the head.

Anonymous said...

It's a Coldplay song, numpty!

And, yes, one of their best...

Guy Davies said...

Oh I geddit now. Doh!

Gary Brady said...

Guy I owe you an apology (at least one). Being rather ignorant of Cold Play I thought Gravity was a well known track of theirs. In fact it's a pretty obscure one. it was Embrace who had the hit with it. My original remark might have been quite funny otherwise.