Friday, February 02, 2007

A week in my life Day 5

Began Is the Reformation Over? Interesting intro setting the scene for recent evangelical & catholic rapprochement. Christianity Explored course DVD format in evening. CE is based on Mark's Gospel. Last night focused on sin and hell in Jesus' teaching. Rico Tice, the presenter doesn't pull his punches. Good time of discussion with searching questions. Internet server down, so I had to post this via mobile phone & tidy it up a bit online Fri morning. Even with predictive text, e-mailing by mobile is a bit time consuming! Technology eh?


Gary Brady said...

I'm enjoying this project. Difficult for you I'm sure but fascinating. BTW have you seen the M'Cheyne link on my blog?

Guy Davies said...

Thanks Gary. Yes, I noticed the link. Most of my posts are topical rather than personal, so I thought I'd do something more chatty for a change.