Monday, February 12, 2007

My top ten U2 songs

10. Beautiful day
9. Vertigo
8. New year's day
7. Bad
6. Micracle drug
5. I still haven't found what I'm looking for
4. Walk on
3. Sometimes you can't make it on your own
2. Pride, in the name of love
1. One


Family Blogs said...

I'd agree with your choices pretty much. I love the atmosphere on Bad. Some others I'd include (if it were a top twelve) would be 'Angel of Harlem' for that tight packed fusion of guitar chords and lyrics, and 'I Will Follow' for its timeless and seminal sound. Great stuff.

Guy Davies said...

If I had listed my top 12 'I will follow' would be up there. I can't believe that I didn't include 'With or without you' in the list. Oh well. Maybe I should have done a top 12!

Martin Downes said...

"Stuck in a moment" is surely worthy of a mention.

Guy Davies said...


I can't get out of it, "Stuck in a moment" is a great song. But I wouldn't have put in in my top 10. Top 20, maybe.

Gary Brady said...

Beautifu day tenth??!! And what about 'Forty' (especially live) and 'The electric Co' and 'Sunday ...' and ...?

Guy Davies said...


This was my top 10 at the time of writing. If you like those other songs so much, why don't you put em in your own list? ;-)