Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blogging in the name of the Lord: Gary Brady

This is the first of a series of interviews with Christian bloggers. In the hot seat today is...

GD: Hi, Gary could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
GB: Born in Wales I've lived most of my life here in London where I am pastor of a small Baptist Church. I hated London when I first got here to study but I've slowly come round and now love the place (mostly). I'm married to the wonderful Eleri and we have five boys. Lots of Welsh spoken here. Oh yes, I have a degree in English and love popular music.
GD: You are quite new to blogging, what made you start?
GB: There was some chat about it from enthusiasts like yourself on a discussion group I belong to (Genevanet) and so I went to look on blogger and hey presto - I couldn't believe how easy it was (and free!). For many years I'd fancied having a website but lacked the knowledge (I didn't have the Latin see).
GD: Why did you entitle your blog "Heavenly Worldliness?"
GB: When you go to blogger, they ask for a title. I already had the title in mind for another purpose but as I intended a multi-purpose site I thought it summed it up well (although it is open to misunderstanding).
GD: What have you found most enjoyable about blogging?
GB: Getting the ideas out there and sometimes getting some feed back.
GD: What are some of the dangers of blogging?
GB: Obsession with getting it to look right, living a surrogate life - I'm sure you know.
GD: Who me? Moving swiftly on, you have three blogs. Why?
GB: Well, part of my aim is to put out things that I've already prepared. The two puritan fellows (Richard Bernard and Thomas Adams) I discovered doing some studying recently. They are projects in themselves and so I thought it wiser to give them their own space. The Adams site is almost complete as far as I'm concerned, though there might be occasional additions to make. The Bernard site is the real project. I want to get all his works online eventually (don't hold your breath).
GD: Where did you get the inspiration for the Bloggy Man?
GB: I was thinking after I started the blog needs some humour. I've always loved puns and so I got thinking one night and came up with 8 or 9 cartoons and a few ideas. I was going to try and get a proper cartoonist but I couldn't wait to launch him. The Bloggy Man, sadly, is just one long series of bad puns. I think he does reflect the blogosphere well at times, however.
GD: What does your family think of your blog?
GB: A certain amount of ridicule is endured (and that is reflected in Bloggy Man who is not me - though we share certain character traits and looks). 'On the blog again are we?' Eleri actually looked at it the other night to see what I was doing. Oh dear.
GD: You often post about music, name your top three songs.
GB: Of all time? 1. My Brother Jake by Free 2. Sylvia by Focus 3. Quiet Storm by Jan Akkerman.
GD: Now, which blogs do you enjoy most and why?
GB: Now here's the truth and it's slightly embarrassing, I'm not a great blog reader myself. Why? Well, I'm rather self-centred. I also tend to use the net to find out what I want to know rather than having it thrust upon me. However, it's not hard for me to commend your blog Guy. I've nicked most of my ideas there. I like The Conventicle too somehow. My main reason for looking at the 5 or 6 I subscribe to is for ideas for my own blog. I'm also always meaning to look at the specialist ones eg. Andrew Fuller.
GD: You are too kind. I hadn't come across the other two blogs you mentioned. Thanks for the heads up. And cheers, Gary for being the first blogger to sit in the hot seat!
GD: Right, who's next?


brent said...

I find Gary's blog enjoyable and educational. It was his site that led me to yours.

Guy Davies said...

Gary's blog has been of some use then! ;-)