Thursday, February 15, 2007

My top ten Jam/Style Council/Paul Weller songs

10. From the floorboards up, Paul Weller
9. Strange town, The Jam
8. You're the best thing, The Style Council
7. Porcelain gods, Paul Weller
6. Long hot summer, The Style Council
5. Down in the tube station at midnight, The Jam
4. Changing man, Paul Weller
3. English rose, The Jam
2. Going underground, The Jam
1. You do something to me, Paul Weller


Gary Brady said...

I'm glad you like English Rose. What about Man in the corner shop?

Guy Davies said...

I did think about including that one:

"Go to church do the people from the area/All types and classes sit and pray together/For here they are all one/For God created all men equal".

Great song. Possibly would have made my top 11.

Martin Downes said...

I concur with your top choice

Guy Davies said...

It's Sarah's favourite too, kind of our song.

keane166 said...

Terrific list.....agree with m o s t
of it, though a few cavils (and isn't music the best subjective debate-starter?)

1. How about All Mod Cons? (1.20 of pure bliss)
2. Stanley Road ?
3. Wildwood/

IMO, Down in the Tube Station at Midnight is simply a masterpiece (and check out this great vintage performance from back in the day on YouTube

great blog!

Guy Davies said...

Thanks for your comments "Keane166". I could have included lots of tracks. This was just my Top 10 at the time of writing. If I were to do another such list in a few months time, it would probably diferent.

Thanks for the YouTube link.


keane166 said...

Preacher Man, well do make another list in a few months time, and we'll mull that one over as well, best regards!