Friday, February 23, 2007

Blogging in the name of the Lord: The Box Set

Series 1 has ended and is now available in a special presentation style box set for you to treasure, here.

Some people have been begging to be interviewed. You may feel that you have missed out on this great blogging event. But be not despairing, there is still hope. Blogging in the name of the Lord will return for Series 2 sometime later this year. The host can be easily influenced if you send him something from his Amazon wishlist. He has especially got his eye on the massive widescreen TV. If you can't afford that, a book will do, if you can't afford that, then you aren't important enough to be interviewed. A sycophantic comment below might help, but don't bank on it.
I'll post my reflections on what I've learned from these conversations in a few days time.
In the hot seat this series:

The Blogging in the name of the Lord interviews will be back....


Gary Brady said...

Shameless, Guy, shameless

Guy Davies said...

I know, Gary, I know, but that's showbiz!

Careful readers on the post may just pick up a note of irony.